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During the school year children receive help with homework and tutoring in almost every subject the children learn in school. The center provides supplemental English classes, math classes, art/design classes, group therapy classes, and computer classes throughout the summer and school year. Educational excursions and guest speakers are also utilized within the center to maximize educational opportunities for the children. 


In 2016, Debi Arach launched it's vocational training program at the center in order to provide youth and young adults with a set of skills and tools they will need to secure gainful employment and help break their family's cycle of poverty. Students participate in several programs including computer programing classes using a curriculum developed by the Union of Information Technology Enterprises, 3D printing and related software and programming, and computer repairs - both hardware and software. There is also a program for recently discharged soldiers to participate in Discrete mathematics, Algorithms theory, English, Photoshop, web development (HTML5 / CSS3, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL). In 2018, we plan to add additional hands-on training programs such as welding, cosmetology and culinary classes


A nurse and psychologist are on staff to provide continual health support. Individual counseling and group counseling is also offered to the children. The center addresses a very important hygienic need by providing the children in attendance with supervised bathing facilities. Each child attending the center has the ability to shower twice a week should they desire. Furthermore, outside health educators and doctors come to the center to assist with educating the children on healthy life practices and also give health examinations. 


The children are served a nutritious meal everyday, helping them receive the calories and/or nutrients they would otherwise not have. The center's meals usually consist of delicious soups, salads, and pilafs. A snack is also provided during the summer months when the children are not in school. 


The center provides social support, such as distributing clothing, shoes, and supplies. Past projects have included distributing Toms shoes and backpacks filled with school supplies. 

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