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Short Term Impact

In the short-term the 150 children who attend the Debi Arach Children's Center in Gyumri, will receive warm winter coats. The coats will be purchased from Armenia, which will benefit their economy.

Long Term Impact

In the long term, children will be able to stay warm, combat Gyurmi's harsh winters, become sick less and stay in school.

Project Budget: $20,000
Amount Needed: $5,235

Start Date: August 2017

End Date: December 2018

Full Description

One of the next steps in supporting the children at Debi Arach is to enrich their learning by increasing the amount of technology used in the classrooms. SMARTboards, computers, and tablets have become a basic tool used to expand the learning opportunities for a child. By giving these students this exposure and an interactive learning community, we are giving them a chance to further their education in a way that other children have around the world. 


Debi Arach Children’s Center is dedicated to providing students with the opportunity to reach their full potential and break the cycle of poverty. With your help, we would like to raise funds to buy 2 SMARTboards, tablets for our students, laptops for our 6 teachers, monitors for our classrooms, and other necessities such as charging stations and storage cabinets. We will also train our teachers in the best practices of how to use technology in the classroom.

Sponsor Benefit

Your donation to sponsor the technology campaign for Debi Arach Children's Center in Gyumri will be recognized with a plaque at the Center and on the Center's website and in their printed materials. Your name will also be listed as a sponsor on the Paros Foundation website and in appropriate press related to this important project. The Paros Foundation will proudly arrange a visit to the new Center when you are in Armenia.


  • Dr. & Mrs. Armen & Alina Vartany (2017 ) - CA, USA

  • Mr. & Mrs. David & Margaret Mgrublian (2017) - CA, USA

  • Mr. & Mrs. George Mashigian (2017 ) - CA, USA

  • Mr. & Mrs. John & Gayane Pridjian (2017) - CA, USA

  • Mr. & Mrs. Kirk & Nairi Hourdajian (2018) - CA, USA

  • Mr. & Mrs. Paul & Rachel Nadjarian (2018) - VA, USA

  • Mr. & Mrs. Scott & Kristen Bert (2017) - USA

  • Mr. Alek Kargodorian (2017 ) - CA, USA

  • Mr. Ann Murrah (2017) - FL, USA

  • Mr. Benjamin Karabian (USA) - CA, USA

  • Mr. Daniel Darakjian (2017) - CA, USA

  • Mr. Dennis Mulhaupt (2017) - USA

  • Mr. Dennis Vaznaian (2017 ) - CA, USA

  • Mr. Don Simonian (2017 ) - AZ, USA

  • Mr. Gevik Baghdassarian (2017 ) - CA, USA

  • Mr. James Anastassiou (2018) - CA, USA

  • Mr. Manuk Avedikyan (2017) - CA, USA

  • Mr. Raffi Avedian (2017 ) - CA, USA

  • Mr. Roupen Dechkounian (2017) - MA, USA

  • Mr. Tom Anastassiou (2018) - CA, USA

  • Ms. Evelyn Surrency Williams (2017) - FL, USA

  • Ms. Gloria Sefton (2017) - CA , USA

  • Ms. Jeanne Papazian (2017) - CA, USA

  • Ms. Joanne Hagopian (2017) - CA, USA

  • Ms. Nora Hanoian (2017) - CA, USA

  • Ms. Nvair Beylerian (2017) - NJ, USA

  • Ms. Stephanie Nersesyan (2017) - CA, USA

  • Ms. Sylvia Moskovitz (2017) - CA, USA

  • The Suzanne Nora Johnson and David G. Johnson Foundation (2018) - CA, USA

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