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Gevork Learns To Read

This is Gevork. He’s in the 2nd grade and before Debi Arach, he didn’t know the alphabet and couldn’t write his own name. He’s been attending Debi Arach for a month and a half, and because of the hard work of our teachers, and his own perseverance, he has now learned the whole alphabet and officially can read. You can even see the difference in the before and after of his writing of letters. The next step is working on his handwriting and expanding his vocabulary, but we are certain that because of his hard work, and the dedication of our teachers, that Gevork will do great things.

Heghoush is accepted to college!

Heghush is 18 years old and graduated from high school last week. Today, Heghush was accepted to college!!!

She will attend Gyumri State Pedagogical Institute and majoring in Elementary Education. She’s been at Debi Arach since our opening 2 years ago.

During an interview, Heghush explained what her favorite classes are: 
"My favorite classes in school are Armenian Language, Grammar, and History. I can’t choose a favorite class at Debi Arach, though, because I truly love all of them equally, but in different ways. It’s all because of the teachers. If the teacher isn’t interesting or teaches in an interesting way, the subject becomes boring. But here at Debi Arach, I’m never bored and constantly interested and engaged in every subject."

Why do you want to be a teacher?
"Most importantly, I love working with kids and passing on knowledge. Also, the teachers at Debi Arach inspired me. I especially want to teach Armenian history because I think it's important for our future to learn about our past and learn from mistakes."

How did you prepare for your college placement tests?
"Debi Arach's Math teacher and Armenian Language teacher helped me a lot, especially this year, to prepare for my final exams and get prepared for my college placement test with one on one tutoring and practice tests."

The teachers at Debi Arach describe Heghush as friendly, motivated, and caring. We wish you all the success in the world, Heghush. We’re looking forward to see all the places you’ll go! Keep moving forward, always. Congratulations!

Nelly Danielyan heads to University!

Nelly Danielyan has been attending Debi Arach since the center opened in 2015. She started attending Armenian National Agrarian University in the Fall of 2016 and is majoring in Engineering. The center helped her prepare for college by receiving extra classes and tutoring in various subjects. She was able to receive extra help in Math, English, and Armenian, as well as improve her computer skills while attending Debi Arach. 

When asked what her favorite class was at Debi Arach, she replied, “Math was my favorite class because we went over and solved hard problems and it helped with my college acceptance test.” When asked how Debi Arach helped her get accepted to college as well as be successful now, she claimed that "It [Debi Arach] helped a lot. I practiced and learned a lot in those classes that were vital to me. It also helped enrich my mind and make me a better person."

Congratulations Nelly!


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